Ac-hoc analysis, tailored research

Most of our analysis, studies are made by request of certain actual business needs - these are called ad-hoc research. (The character is basically tailored to the topic, subject matter, and less often to research methodology, but never to the results.)

After we meet our customers' needs preciously - sometimes it takes 2-3 consultations - we complie our research offer, which includes the specific subject matter of our responsibilities to the research, the issues to be examined, the methodology to be applied for. The offer also contains a precise timetable (deadline) and include the selling price.

Results are not guaranteed. In contrast, we offer objective analysis and high quality work.

As a small company we have a wide range of technical co-operation built up with national and international experts, research companies, market and public opinion research agencies, call centers and last but not least we can rely on professional experience and capacity of our parent company and the entire GKI group as well.

Besides analyzing actual market stories we offer our services for the annual financial planning, strategic decisions and more:

  • Market analysis and forecasting,
  • Assistance with national energy policy creation,
  • Detailed industry benchmarking studies,
  • Price forecasting,
  • Impact assessment of regulations,
  • Customer segmentation.

For further details, please contact our colleagues!