GKI Energy Research and Consulting Ltd. was founded in 2002. In our research we rely on the intellectual capacity and the experiences of the GKI Economic Research Co.

After the liberalization of the energy sector it became necessary to set up a company focusing on the development, and the management of the energy sector and also on relevant microeconomic and macroeconomic questions of the sector.

GKI Energy Research is helping the development and the rational management of the energy sector, and also the harmonisation of the sector with the whole economy by issuing regular studies and forecasts.

The scope of our activities:

  • Creating studies focused on the overall energy sector - production, distribution, consumption, trade - analysing the economic questions of the energy sector,
  • making company surveys specialized on the energy sector and the energy consumption,
  • creating studies, forecasts focusing on the world market, the regional supply, demand and stock prices of the main energy sources.

GKI Energy Research regulary widens and updates the range of its studies aimed at meeting the demand of the sectors's players. Our studies follow the changes in the energy sector - electricity, gas, crude oil, fuels and renewables.